About us

Empire international security, Inc is an innovative, aggressive & experienced security guard company from southern California. We provide unarmed and armed uniformed security officers. Empire international security, Inc is a leader in providing a variety of security and personal protection services. We serve individuals, institutions and business clients in need of reliable, long-term, professional and flexible security service throughout the state of California. Providing superior customer service. Our ability to understand our customer’s protection needs drives the success of our company.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of service. Our top priority is to insure the safety and security of our clients. At empire international security, Inc we offer a variety of services including emergency security guard services for circumstances that require immediate services. We offer a variety of high quality security guard services at competitive prices. We specialize in commercial security, residential services & construction site security. Our team is devoted to helping our client find the right security service for their individual needs.

Security is an issue for any business. The level of concern may depend on the type of business or where the business is located. When security is a high priority, any business can benefit from the services of a night watchman. One of the duties of a security officer is to conduct routine inspections of the property. Depending on the size of the establishment, the night watchman may either walk or ride around the property to ensure there is no sign of suspicious activity.

Most security guards also have the responsibility of creating a security report for each day. This report may contain anything they observed or any incidents that occurred. Even if something does not seem relevant at the time, details of the situation may be helpful for future questions. In some cases, a security guard may be mobile. For other situations, the guard may be required to remain in one place. Static guards are generally responsible for monitoring traffic. They pay attention to who comes and goes. If you are concerned about security in your place of business, a professional night watchman can eliminate your concerns. Qualified security guards supply peace of mind for business owners, employees and customers.